may 21, 2019
hilton waikiki beach                                                                                          6pm-9pm (sITE TOUr at 5:30)

Vendor HighlightS: decor, venues, dj, mc, entertainment, videographers, & wedding planners

We are grateful to the following sponsors who will make this event possible:
The Willows (Venue & Food)A Perfect Day (Planner & Presenter) | TBD (Decor) | TBD (Florist) | TBD (Photographer) | TBD  (Videographer & Visual) | TBD (Audio) | TBD (Calligrapher) | TBD (On-Site Planner)

What to Expect

Creating your own personalized budget

  • When you leave this workshop, you will have a budget personalized to your wedding and a formula to STAY within your budget whatever it may be!

How to choose a location

  • We will be discussing various venues, what makes them different, and how to compare them "apples to apples"
  • By the time you leave this workshop, you should know which venues would best fit your priorities, style, personality, AND budget!

Vendor Highlights

  • By the time you leave this workshop, you will know which Decor vendor, Venue (location), DJ, MC, Entertainment, Videographer, and Wedding Planner would be the best fit for you and how to choose the right one for your unique needs, style, budget, and priorities
  • Fact sheets on each Planner, Decor, Officiant, & Beauty professional will be provided

Treats: Compliments of the Hilton Waikiki Beach

  • Sample some of the amazing foods the Hilton Waikiki Beach has become known for

Bonus: Consultation Scheduling

  • With your attendance of this workshop, we will also be happy to check the availability of any vendor you are interested in and schedule a consultation or site visit with any applicable vendor for you at no charge.

FORMS & ITEMS for purchase

By attending the workshop, you will receive all related Fact Sheets.

Saving you priceless time, we've created a "fact sheet" on vendors to share facts & information quickly and from the perspective of the vendor to help you make sound decisions.

  • Planner Fact Sheets $10
  • Decor Fact Sheets $3
  • Venue Fact Sheets $15
  • DJ, MC, & Entertainment Fact Sheets $10
  • Videographer Fact Sheets $8