What to expect at the Hilton Waikiki Beach 2.28.18 Workshop


How to prepare

***BRING a CHARGED laptop IF you can so you can start creating your timeline AS we walk you through it!

Print any/all PHOTOGRAPHER Fact Sheets (below) you are interested in/considering to refer to during the workshop. 

***BRING these with you!***

***Check back as additional fact sheets will be added***

•BLACK text, you can edit as you desire

•RED text, you will need to replace with your information

•BLUE text, we will work on AT THE WORKSHOP

•PURPLE text, you can replace for now BUT we will discuss options and how your decision will affect your wedding day (at our 6.28.18 workshop at Pomaika’i Ballrooms)


OPTIONAL: 5:30pm Site tour
***You MUST be in the main lobby BY 5:30pm to participate in this tour***


  • OPTIONAL: Site tour
    • ***You MUST be in the main lobby BY 5:30pm to participate in this tour***
  • Early Registration/Check-in
  • Validate parking ticket
  • Order your COMPLIMENTARY, personalized (by calligrapher) planning folder
  • Request information on any venues we offer
  • Sign up for ANY future workshops
    • ***IF you sign up within 1 week of THIS workshop using code: HILTON, you can attend ANY future workshops for only $5/ticket!!!
    • ***This is ONLY available for the first 10 uses of the code "HILTON", so sign up BEFORE they are all used!
  • Use the restroom


  • Site tour ENDS
  • Early Registration/Check-in continues


  • Doors OPEN
  • Find your seat
  • Pick up any vendor business cards you may want


  • Workshop BEGINS!
  • Getting to know your PHOTOGRAPHER options
  • Break & Enjoy food provided by the Hilton Waikiki Beach
  • Create your customized detailed wedding day TIMELINE


  • Q&A
  • Sign up for newsletter


  • Workshop ENDS