What to expect at the Four Seasons Ko'Olina 5.30.18 Workshop

92-1001 Olani St, Kapolei, HI 96707


How to prepare

Print any/all VIDEOGRAPHER and/or WEDDING CAKE Consultation forms (below) to help you to take notes and have us schedule any consultation for you (at NO cost to you).

***BRING these with you!***

***Check back as additional Consultation forms might be added***

***To lessen waste and be environmentally concious, these forms will NO LONGER be provided at the workshop UNLESS requested at minimum 24 hours PRIOR***

***Food will not be provided during this workshop***

(TAKE HOME late night snacks and treats will be provided upon departure)


OPTIONAL: 5:30pm Site tour
***You MUST be in the main lobby BY 5:30pm to participate in this tour***


  • OPTIONAL: Site tour
    • ***You MUST be in the main lobby BY 5:30pm to participate in this tour***
  • Doors WON'T open until 5:45pm
  • Validate parking ticket
    • Use the restroom


    • Site tour ENDS
    • Early Registration/Check-in BEGINS
    • Doors OPEN
    • Find your seat
    • Pick up any vendor business cards you may want
    • Order your COMPLIMENTARY, personalized (by calligrapher) planning folder
      • ***Although our calligrapher won't be present in person at this workshop, you can leave your information with us and we will have your complimentary folder ready for you at our next workshop :-)
    • Sign up for ANY future workshops
      • ***IF you sign up within 1 week of THIS workshop using code: willows, you can attend ANY future workshops for FREE!!!
      • ***This is ONLY available for the first 10 uses of the code "FS", so sign up BEFORE they are all used!
    • Use the restroom


    • Workshop BEGINS!


    • Q&A
    • Sign up for newsletter
    • Pick up your "to go" bag of goodies and nighttime snacks for your drive home!
    • Talk to any vendors present
      • ***Vendors will NOT approach you (so as not to pressure you), so if you have a question, PLEASE feel free to approach them :-)


    • Workshop ENDS