March 17, 2018
loulu palm estate                                                                                         

Vendor Highlight: caterers & rental companies

We are grateful to the following sponsors who made this event possible:

Loulu Palm (Venue) | A Perfect Day (Planner & Presenter) | Perfection International (On-Site Planner) | Tanioka's Seafoods & Catering (Garlic Chicken) | Chef Elmer's Island Cuisine (Island Style Pork Hash Corn Dog w/Spicy Aioli & Honey Mustard dipping sauces) | Cake Works (Trio of mini desserts) | We Heart Cake Company (desserts) | Ke Nui Nitchen (Menu TBD) | Watanabe Floral (Florist) | Chelsea Stratso (Photographer) | Supreme Weddings (Videographer & Visual Equipment) | The Loving Eyes (Same Day Edit) | Bliss DJs (Audio) | Hawaii Calligraphy (Calligrapher)

same day edit FILM BY The loving eyes

The Loving Eyes

highlight & full video coming soon!

FORMS & ITEMS for purchase

By attending the workshop, you will receive all related Fact Sheets.

Saving you priceless time, we've created a "fact sheet" on vendors to share facts & information quickly and from the perspective of the vendor to help you make sound decisions.

  • Photographer Fact Sheets $10
  • Wedding Binder $25