Hawaii Beach Wedding

Congratulations to Lisa and Michael! 08.08.14 | Anela Garden & Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa

A Perfect Day was happy to spend the day assisting Lisa and Michael on their big day! Their beautiful ceremony was held at the Anela Gardens and their reception was held at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa.  Even with a hurricane scheduled to hit, nothing was going to stop this beautiful couple from having an amazing wedding!

LnM - Ceremony Site Collage 2

Anela Garden


Bridal Bouquets by Spinning Web Florist and Photo by Christie Pham Photography


Photo by Christie Pham Photography

Floral arrangements by Spinning Web Florist and Photo by Christie Pham Photography

Photos by Christie Pham Photography

Photo by Christie Pham Photography

Photos by Christie Pham Photography

Hyatt Regency and Photo by Christie Pham Photography

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Ballroom, Florals by Spinning Web, Wedding Cake by the Hyatt Regency Waikiki, Uplighting by DJ Kevo Kevin Okutani and Photos by Christie Pham Photography

Centerpieces by Spinning Web Florist and Photos by Christie Pham Photography

Centerpieces by Spinning Web Florist and Photos by Christie Pham Photography

LnM - Hyatt Banquet Captain

Sammy, Banquet Captain at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach


LnM - DJ

DJ Kevo Kevin Okutani

LnM - Photo Booth

Mr. & Mrs. with Kelly Sugano

Mr. & Mrs. Reyes with Kelly Sugano

This wedding was so amazing that we weren’t able to get all images into this post.  To view additional images, please feel free to click here.
THANK YOU to Lisa for writing such a thoughtful review on YELP about us!!!
Thanks to all the vendors who helped in making it a great day!

Wedding Lingo 101 (post #1)

Wedding Lingo 101: Venue

You will hear and see many wedding terms appear and reappear in many different places. Let us guide you down the aisle of basic wedding terminology!

 #1. Minimum Requirements and Room Rental Fees:

Most wedding venues will have a “minimum requirement”. Whether it is food, beverages, the amount of guests, there will be a minimum dollar amount you will need to spend in order to host your event at their establishment.  These terms will usually be found in your BEO/catering contract or menu options and may vary depending on each venue.

Remember, no matter how much your plans change over the months of planning your wedding, you are locked into that minimum number so you have to be comfortable with hitting it. If the minimum requirement isn’t met, the venue will offset the cost by applying fees. Sometimes a labor charge or room rental fee will be applied if the minimum requirement is not met.  On the bright side, at some venues, your room rental fees can possibly be waived depending on your minimum expenditure. Some venues may even allow you to exchange the Labor Charge with the Room Rental Fee. Please keep in mind that each of these fees may have additional service fees + state tax.

  • For Example: If your wedding reception is held at a hotel’s ballroom, the BEO/catering contract could say: “Room rental fee waived based on a minimum of $15,000.00 net revenue from food and beverage only. If the minimum net revenue is not met, the difference will be charged as labor charge + tax and service fees.” This means that your room rental will only be waived if you spend $15,000.00 in food and beverages alone (NOTE: beverages are not always included in the “minimum”). If you decide to have your ceremony there as well, the cost of your ceremony will not be applied towards the minimum stated on the contract.

JnW-Finished Ballroom 02

#2. Bar Services and Special Requests:

When deciding the specifics of your bar and beverage service, you will come across many different options and exceptions. But don’t worry, we’ll go over some popular bar service options to give you a better idea on which service will work best for you. (NOTE: not all options are offered at all locations. Country Clubs usually require you to have a completely hosted bar)

  • Hosted Bar: This is when the bride & groom pay for the entire cost and drinks are complimentary to the guests.
  • Partially Hosted: This can either mean the bar is hosted during specific times (ie: 5pm-9pm or during cocktails until open dancing), the bar is only hosting certain beverages (ie: ONLY beer, wine, and soft-drinks), or the bar is only stocked with certain beverages (ie: beer, wine, and soft-drinks).
  • No-Host Bar: This is when the guests will pay for their own beverages. Most of the time, guests are given “Drink Tickets”. The amount of tickets each guests receive, as well as what type of drinks the tickets can apply to (ie: anything at the bar or only specific beverages) will be determined by the Bride & Groom.
  • Bar Cap: Since there are a number of options on how you can serve alcohol (or not) at your wedding, cost is probably one of the biggest concerns. With a “Bar Cap” you can determine a set dollar amount as your limit for a Hosted Bar. Please keep in mind that if you set a limit, you will need to determine if that limit is inclusive with sales tax and service charge, or not. If it’s not, the service charge and tax will be added on top of your limit (after it is reached).
  • Special Requests: After selecting your bar service, should you have any special requests, please be sure to notify your venue through your BEO/Catering Contract.
    • Example #1: Your BEO/Catering Contract may say something along the lines of: “Banquet Captain to notify father of the bride when bar reaches $1000.00, FOB may choose to extend and will make the call at that time, whether the bar will be hosted or to be switched to a no-host bar.”  In this case, the father of the bride will be  making the decision instead of the Bride & Groom.
    • Example #2: If in the event that the bar is NOT fully hosted, often times you can make special  accommodations for specific individuals to be fully hosted throughout the entire event:

A. ONLY the Bride & Groom

B. ONLY the Wedding Party

C. Only the Wedding Party & Immediate Family


Photo by: Dylan Dawson Photography

***NOTE:  If you plan to host the immediate family (but not the guests), they can often only be “hosted” while seated at their “family table”. Otherwise, the banquet staff would not be able to identify the “immediate family”.  It is usually easy to identify the wedding party, so they would not need to be seated, to be hosted.

#3. Vendor Meals:

Although it is not required to feed your vendors (unless it is mentioned in their contract), it is customary to do so. Especially for the vendors that will be at your event for an extended amount of time like your coordinators, photographers, videographers, DJ and MC. These people will be at your event from start to finish and they won’t be able to step out to grab food elsewhere, nor do the venues allow. Each venue offers different “Vendor Meals”. You have the option to provide them with the same meal you and your guests are having, a version of your what your guests will have, or even a “vendor meal” (something completely different) from the venue.

  • NOTE:  If a vendor is not fed, they may leave to go and eat elsewhere and return which potentially means they might miss something important.

    The wedding cake decorated with red, purple and creme flowers

    The wedding cake decorated with red, purple and creme flowers

#4. Final Gte (Final Guarantee):

This is the final count and guaranteed number of guests that will be attending your wedding. If more guests are in attendance than the guaranteed number, the actual number served will be charged. Venues are aware that the counts are constantly changing (even on the wedding day) so it is understood that the “Final Guarantee” might not be final. However, if you have a significant count increase, the venue can’t guarantee that they will be able to accommodate your large increase due to shortage in food or wait staff. Please keep in mind that the food is purchased and prepared based on the final guarantee. In order for your venue to efficiently serve you on your big day, this number needs to be as accurate as possible and in most cases, provided to your venue at least 3 BUSINESS days prior to your event date.

  • NOTE:  If fewer guests than  the Final Guarantee you provided to the venue attends, you will still be      charged for the amount of people you guaranteed.

We hope this information was helpful and will continue to post more information about other “Wedding Lingo” in the future :-).

Happy Planning!

~A Perfect Day~

Who are you? What do you do? Getting to know your Wedding Vendors

There are a lot of people that will be an essential part of your big day to make your dream become a reality. To name a few, there is a Catering Sales Manager, Banquet Captain, Wedding Designer, and Wedding Coordinator. What role does each person play? Here is a brief description of their specialties and how they’re an important contribution to your special day.

sheraton 4

Photo by: La Vie Photography

Catering Sales Manager
The title of Catering Sales Manager may differ for each venue. Most commonly, their primary role is to assist you with securing the venue, along with the floor plan, food, and beverages should you decide to order from the venue. Sometimes the Catering Sales Manager will be confused as a Wedding Coordinator. Please keep in mind that the Catering Sales Manager specializes in the venue, available amenities, and their menu options. Unlike a Wedding Coordinator, they won’t be able to assist you with reminding your bridal party of all pertinent call times and “don’t forgets” on the wedding day.

Banquet Captain
Now let’s introduce the Banquet Captain! Their role is to execute what was agreed upon in your Catering Contract/BEO (Banquet Event Order). They are responsible for overseeing the execution of all details arranged with the Catering Sale Manager/banquet operations. Therefore, if you have any concerns about the venue on your big day, it should be communicated with your Banquet Captain.  After spending the amount of time, whether it’s days, weeks, or months, communicating with your Catering Sales Manager about your selections, pricing, and details, there is a high possibility that your Catering Sales Manager will be present on your wedding day for a limited amount of time (if at all). Rest assured; this is when your Banquet Captain steps in! The Catering Sales Manager and the Banquet Captain work closely together in communicating the specifications for your big day. Your BEO (Banquet Event Order/Private Party Agreement/Wedding Detail Report) is one of their most essential tools of communication, which is why it is so important to make sure it’s accurate and delivered to your Catering Sales Manager by the deadline.  NOTE:  If you hire A Perfect Day, we will work VERY closely with your Banquet Captain on your behalf.

Wedding Designer
Behind door number three, we have your Wedding Designer! Your Wedding Designer specializes in collaborating every element in a way that will bring each couple’s wedding ideas to life; creating the perfect ambiance for your special day. They have skills in décor, lighting, layout, texture, and color design. From table linens, napkins, chair types and shapes, flowers, walls, to spotlights that pulsate to the music, your Wedding Designer will be able to provide insight and design to keep your wedding aesthetically constant with your invitations and thank you notes.

TIP: Some vendors (including A Perfect Day) might even give you their design input for FREE!


Photo by: Bianca Photography

Wedding Coordinator

Finally, we are pleased to present… your Wedding Coordinator! This is the person that gather all your details together, organizes, and manages all aspects of the wedding to ensure that things run smoothly on your big day. Essentially, their role is to alleviate the stress from the Bride & Groom so the couple can enjoy their wedding! From having a copy of your speech handy, making sure you have the lucky envelope (li-cee) ready for the Chinese Lion Dance performers, to locating your photographer, your Wedding Coordinator will know each person’s role and make sure each of them plays their part so you won’t have to run around in your extravagant wedding heels. Above all, their main concern is the happiness of the Bride & Groom!

Your Wedding Coordinator is also a great resource for everything wedding related! Coordinators may offer excellent consulting services to point you in the right direction, such as advice on which photographer fits your budget. However, it is entirely up to the couple to decide how involved or not involved they want the coordinator to be in the planning process. This is how your coordinator determines a price quote for their services. The price may vary, depending on the coordinator and the services they provide.

Happy Planning!

~A Perfect Day~

Congratulations to Jackie & Warren! 09.20.14 | St. Joseph’s Church & Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa

From my very first meeting with Jackie & Warren, I knew their wedding would be AMAZING! Jackie is extremely detail-oriented and had a clear vision of what she wanted. The little details make a huge difference and it was truly what made Jackie & Warren’s wedding complete. Here are some of my favorite pictures of their wedding day!

Here (below) is the “SDE” Same Day Edit created by the talented 10th Letter Media

Haunani Canon, Hair Stylist

One of the first to arrive was Haunani Canon, Hair Stylist

Kyler Kwock of Kai-Photo Hawaii

Kyler Kwock of Kai-Photo Hawaii

JnW-Dang's Limousine

Scott of Dang’s Limousine

St Joseph's Church of Waipahu

St Joseph’s Church of Waipahu

Todd Oshiro of Always Flowers

Ceremony Flowers by Todd Oshiro of Always Flowers

JnW-Wedding Party Pics

Let the transformation of the Hyatt RegenyWaikiki ballroom begin!

JnW-Les Saisons Collage

Les Saisons’ Naomi Lee & team doing what they do best… Linens & Decor! Uplighting by Joe Ho of Mystical Sounds Production.

Bridal Party’s bouquets (left) and the centerpiece toppers (right), Todd Oshiro of Always Flowers and his team are ready to get to work.

JnW-Always Flowers 03

Centerpiece by Todd Oshiro of Always Flowers

JnW-Cake Works 01

Macaron Favors by Abigail Langlas of Cake Works & Stationary by Emi Ink

JnW-Hyatt Cake

Wedding Cake by the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa and Groom’s Cake by Abigail Langlas of Cake Works

With weddings, details make a HUGE difference and this wedding undoubtedly had fabulous details everywhere and were beautifully created by Emi Ink!

JnW-Emi Ink Collage

Photos by Kyler Kwock of Kai-Photo Hawaii

JnW-Ballroom After

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa Ballroom
Decor by Naomi Lee of Les Saisons
Flowers by Todd Oshiro of Always Flowers
Favors by Abigail Langlas of Cake Works
Lighting by Joe Ho of Mystical Sounds Productions
Photos by Kyler Kwock of Kai-Photo Hawaii

Musician Cory Oliveros

julian Gilliam of 10th Letter Media

Julian Gilliam of 10th Letter Media

JnW-Kelly Sugano

Mr. & Mrs. Hudson with Kelly Sugano

And (below) the beautiful Love Story also by 10th Letter Media

Thanks to all the vendors who helped make it a great day!

Indoor vs. Outdoor Weddings

Private Indoor Wedding or Fresh Outdoor Wedding

Weddings are one of the most special moments in the lives of a couple. Being in Hawaii, having a wedding indoors versus outdoors can be one of the hardest decisions a couple will make.  In Hawaii, an outdoor wedding may have fresh air and breathtaking views, but there are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing an outdoor wedding. The tug of war between indoor events and outdoor events in Hawaii might be a bit tough because there are so many options!

Ceremony at The Kahala Hotel (Photo by: VISIONARI)

When weighing your options, it all comes down to the availability and space of the venue, the weather, ambiance and décor, your vendors, and of course, the cost of it all. To help you with your decision, we’ve listed some pros and cons for you to consider. We will even include some tips so you will have an idea on how to prepare for them.


Since Hawaii is considered one of the top wedding destinations, most of the popular indoor AND outdoor venues are booked out a year in advance (or even more). If you prefer to have your wedding on a weekday, you might have a better chance securing your desired venue with a short notice. Do you have a big guest list? If you do, maybe an outdoor wedding would better accommodate your guests so they won’t feel cramped in a ballroom. Are you planning from afar?  If so, an indoor venue might be your best route to save on the added stress of planning an outdoor reception and be able to celebrate til later in the evening.

Indoor (PRO):

  • Convenient access to restrooms (usually well kept), you can control your guest count (not having to worry about the cost of having to invite “everyone”), less coordination/planning is usually required as fewer vendors are needed.

Indoor (CON):

  • Depending on which venue you choose, their maximum capacity might hinder you from inviting everyone on your guest list.

TIPIf you already know that your final guest count would exceed every venue’s max cap., you may want to consider an outdoor wedding or reducing your guest count.

Outdoor (PRO):

  • Lots and lots of SPACE! Kids can run around freely, you can space out your tables and chairs so your guests can mingle, and you can invite as many guests as your heart’s desire.

Outdoor (CON):

  • Some outdoor venues might have limited parking spaces (especially if you have a really large guest list).  It can also be harder to control/limit your guest list as there is enough space to fit everyone.

TIPCheck with the venue to see if they offer an alternative parking solution or maybe hire a valet.

Sheraton Waikiki Hotel – View from the head table (Photo by Kai Photo)


One of the things that Hawaii is known for is our beautiful weather and scenic views (especially during the summer). For those that are familiar with our weather will know that there are many possibilities. Some days, you might find yourself searching for a spot on the beach to soak up the sun, some days you might find yourself hiding from the sun. Some days the island breeze can give your hair that Picture Perfect wind effect, some days it can create a mini tornado with your hair! From sprinkles of rain, to thunderstorms, to hail, Mother Nature has never failed to keep us on our toes. But everyone knows that weather can be unpredictable. As you plan for one of the biggest days of your life, you still want to be considerate of the comfort of your guests. The key is to be prepared for any possible scenario. These days, there are really fancy tents you can rent to give your outdoor wedding an extravagant appeal as well as shelter for you and your guests.

Indoor (PRO):

  • Comfortably air conditioned, hair intact, dry clothes, clean shoes, and you won’t have to swat flies and mosquitoes all night.

Indoor (CON):

  • If it’s a beautiful day outside, you could miss out on enjoying the warmth of the sun and even the moonlight reflecting in the ocean (unless of course, you have a view from the indoors).

TIP: For picture purposes, you can consult with your photographer to see if they’d be open to capturing a few photos outside (ie: taking you outdoors for “sunset pictures” when dinner begins)…or have your ceremony and/or cocktails outdoors.  ***NOTE:  The rainier months of the year are from Mid October through March.

Outdoor (PRO):

  • From bright sunshine and blue skies to priceless sunsets and nice island breezes, being outdoors is very refreshing for those who enjoy.

Outdoor (CON):

  • Besides the chance of rain (that can come in horizontally), bugs, gusts of wind (which could affect your decor), and the blazing sun, Mother Nature might also trigger allergies if you or your guests have any. Unlike food allergies, where you can just avoid consuming the items you’re allergic to, you can’t remove the allergens and pollens from the air.

St. Patrick’s Church (Photo by RACHEL ROBERTSON Photography)

TIP: Taking Benadryl and consuming alcohol may not be the best idea. We recommend lots of tissues and staying hydrated if you choose to host your wedding outdoors.


Are you looking to be surrounded by the tranquility and natural beauty of our island (outdoors) or are you seeking something more private and extravagant (indoors)? With an outdoor wedding, this could mean less decorating since nature becomes your natural backdrop. Indoor weddings are enclosed so you won’t have to scream your vows (unless you want to) to overpower the noise of cars, planes, or construction work. Many venues have rules and regulations you may have to follow. Be sure to get all of your décor ideas “Okayed” by the establishment. If the venue doesn’t allow something, keep looking for the perfect venue!

Indoor (PRO):

  • Noise control and exclusiveness. You won’t have nosy strangers watch you exchange your “I Dos” or in your pictures.

Indoor (CON):

  • Not too many layout options for you to arrange the tables and you might be limited on the amount of decorating you can do.

TIP: This could be a good thing. You might save a lot of money from less decorating.  There are also some indoor options with gorgeous views of the outdoors through floor to ceiling glass doors or windows!

Outdoor (PRO):

  • Gorgeous “Hawaii” scenery. Lantern lights and a fantastic sunset can create a really magical end to your big day.

Outdoor (CON):

  • Your photographer will have to race the clock so that he doesn’t lose precious sunlight for those sunset photos.

Royal Hawaiian Hotel (photo by Derek Wong Photography)

TIP: Have a list of all the poses and photos you want to take and allocate enough time before the sunset for the photographer to work their magic.


As relaxing as an outdoor wedding seems, it usually requires more work than an indoor wedding. If the outdoor venue is not able to supply you with your outdoor necessities like: tents, tables, chairs, linen, food, catering equipment, dance floors, lighting, generators, setup/breakdown staff, servers, etc., you will need to look for a vendor that can supply you with all of the above, or work with multiple vendors to make sure you have everything you need. On the bright side, an outdoor wedding would allow you to customize every aspect to your liking, while indoor weddings might have restrictions and set packages that you have to oblige to.

Indoor (PRO):

  • Not only do they provide you with tables and chairs, all of your vendors will have access to electricity! Not to mention, a full kitchen for all your catering needs (including space to keep your layered wedding cake), and items to assist with troubleshooting.

Indoor (CON):

  • Limited food/catering options as well as limited decorating options.

TIP: Ask your vendors for their suggestions as they may have very creative ideas that work within the limitations as set forth by your venue

Outdoor (PRO):

  • You can bring your own food/choose your own caterer and your photographer can easily meander around your guests.

Outdoor (CON):

  • More supplies are needed, such as tents and covers to keep guests and food safe from rain, bugs, or even the sun. Also, lighting can be difficult due to the lack of outlets and power sources. You will have to get creative in finding ways to light up your evening.

TIP: Your vendors should have generators, but you might want to double check with them just in case their company doesn’t provide back-up generators.


According many of the couples we come into contact with, many of the brides originally think they will save money with an outdoor wedding.  As planning continues, most couples realize that an outdoor wedding usually costs more than an indoor one.  The reason it usually costs more is because the flexibility in cost is dependent on the couple’s preference. If you select an indoor venue that is top notch, it could be very pricey. If you decide to have an outdoor wedding with all the bells and whistles, that could also add up very quickly. Please keep in mind that if your venue does not provide the necessary items like: tents, chairs, linen, dance floor, sound equipment, generators, lighting, food, etc., it would be an additional cost.  NOTE: If you are not okay with plastic utensils, that could be a cue that outdoors may cost you more than indoors.

Indoor (PRO):

  • Fully staffed and No additional costs (liability insurance, catering, renting each fork, cup, napkin, disposing of trash, etc.)

Indoor (CON):

  • Minimum requirements (depending on the venue, their min. may be very high)

TIP: Consider all of your venue options before making your final decision. Ask questions and ALWAYS read the fine print.  No vendor we have worked with has ever tried to have any “hidden fees”.  If you tell your vendor what you have in mind and would like to have happen for your wedding, they can then tell you potential costs that might be involved (ie: microphone rental, video screen rental, staffing an extra bar, etc.)

Outdoor (PRO):

  • Flexibility (can be as inexpensive as the couple are comfortable with) and controllable bar costs (by providing your own beverages from Costco/Sam’s Club and returning what isn’t consumed).

Outdoor (CON):

  • More work (tents are a lot of work) and coordination means more vendors and details required.

Photo by Derek Wong Photography

TIP: Try to find vendors that are able to provide more than one service. That way, you might be able to get a package deal instead of outsourcing to each individual vendor and paying each one a separate check.

It IS possible to have it all!

Our suggestion to “having it all” is to have your ceremony (and maybe cocktails) outdoors so you and your guests get to enjoy the outdoors when it matters most (when you can see everything and take pictures with a beautiful backdrop) with your reception indoors.  This option will save you on cost, stress, no worries about the weather, you will be in A/C, and you will very likely also be able to have your event last longer (as most outdoor events must end by 9-10pm).

Regardless of which setting you choose, either one can be turned into your dream wedding atmosphere with proper preparation. This is your special day and everything should be the way you’ve dreamed it would be!  Hopefully this will help guide you in the appropriate direction that is right for you. Be sure to follow us for more blogs and tips!

Happy Planning!

~A Perfect Day~


Cake & Wine Wedding Showcase |Hawaii Wedding Professionals | Honolulu Design Center

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE for their support and hard work. This event could not have happened without EVERYONE! Last night the Hawaii Wedding Pros presented the Cake & Wine Showcase and it was a great success!

Before I go any further, I would like to thank some additional individuals who have helped tremendously and since I can’t show their work, I just wanted to truly thank and acknowledge them for all of their time and efforts

Although the next 2 pictures are UNprofessional pictures, I wanted to share them to thank 2 special ladies (Sue from SU-V Expressions for the flowers & Naomi from Les Saisons for ALL linen except napkins) for ALL of their continued support and hard work!

Cake & Wine 1

Cake & Wine 2

Here are images by the talented photographer Kris Labang of Kris Labang Photography that I hope you enjoy!

Here is Irwin Mencias speaking on behalf of the Honolulu Design Center’s dessert chef:


and their delicious samples:


Below is Kristin Kato of A Cake Life sharing her knowledge with our guests



Here is Kristin’s cake showcasing her ability to paint the décor onto a cake:


Here is Alfer (Baker) of Hokulani Bakeshop


and her display showcasing their award winning cupcakes:


Here is Ed Anderson of The Bake Shop telling couples about their yummy cakes!


And here is Ed’s display cake:


Here is Kyler Kwock of Kai Photo educating couples on the perspective of the Cake Cutting ceremony from the photographer’s point of view:


And the sweet couple who volunteered to demonstrate it for everyone else :-):


Our wine expert for the evening Sky Cameron educating our couples on the wines of the evening:


Randy Allen & Kanoe Gibson who entertained our guests before, during and after the showcase did a truly amazing job!


A BIG Thank you to Tony So of the DJs for not only having the vision to create these Showcases but to put together such wonderful vendors who are a part of the Hawaii Wedding Pros!


And Nixon of Mad Cakez having fun with the couples


and his very creative cake!


Here is a video teaser clip created by Kelii of Kai Media with full video coming soon! Please enjoy :-)